How to refresh my Outlook inbox mail when it is not automatically updating?

How to refresh my Outlook inbox mail when it is not automatically updating?

Applicable to: Outlook 365, 2019, 2016, 2013; Windows and macOS

If, for example, outlook 2016 not syncing, it is likely that your outlook settings are out of date. You don’t need to have a lot of programming knowledge to refresh outlook. If Outlook doesn’t update automatically, we recommend enabling this feature. And no longer worry about the novelty of the program.

Here’s an inquiry we got from a peruser about her Microsoft Outlook customer not showing new approaching messages automatically:

Not at all like my when utilizing my Google Mail account, it looks that my Microsoft Outlook 365 envelopes are not automatically refreshed with approaching email messages. I can’t help thinking that any new email things are refreshed most likely once in 15-20 minutes.
I realize that I can refresh Outlook by hitting F9 or utilize the Send/Receive All orders. My inquiry to you is how can I set Outlook to automatically refresh its Inbox envelope all the more frequently, if conceivable as regularly as Gmail does.
On the off chance that that is impractical, would you be able to clarify how regularly mail check occurs and how to refresh Outlook so new inbox messages are shown as quick as could reasonably be expected?

On the off chance that you at any point utilized Microsoft Office Outlook as your PC email customer, you may have seen some postponement in your inbox refresh rate.

Regularly, it takes your approaching mail more time to show up when contrasted with web email administrations, for example, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Those regularly auto-update your inbox organizer passages at whatever point new email hits your post box.

In today’s tutorial, I will show you how to make your Outlook inbox update automatically in shorter interims with the goal that the most recent approaching messages are shown once they hit your server.


Outlook inbox auto-update on Windows
  • Open Outlook, and hit the Send/Receive button.
  • Snap-on Send/Receive Groups drop-down box and select Define Send/Receive Groups.



  • Under All Accounts, Click on Schedule an Automatic Send/Receive each.
  • Change the Minute’s esteem from 30 to a more modest number. Note that setting this incentive to under 5 min may prompt copied sections in your inbox.


  • After changing Close the Dialog box.
  • Presently your Outlook inbox will automatically refresh at regular intervals.


Expanding the refreshing pace of all your Inboxes
  • In the Send/Receive Groups exchange (steps to open it clarified previously), go to “Setting for bunch All Accounts.”
  • And afterwards set the Schedule an automatic.. incentive to the required refresh rate. Again – be careful the way that too visit updates could prompt copied Outlook email passages; which are for the most part tedious to fix.


Auto-refreshing the Outlook schedule

To guarantee your Outlook schedule is consistently state-of-the-art, continue as follows:

  • In the Send/Receive Groups discourse, hit the Edit button.
  • At that point in the left-hand side, guarantee that your email account is checked.
  • At that point under Folder Options guarantee that your Calendar envelope is checked.
  • Hit Apply.


Auto-update you Outlook worldwide location/contact records
  • Same as in the area above, simply guarantee that the Contacts organizer is set apart for auto-adjust.

Note: You can generally trigger an update of your email envelope by hitting F9.


Refresh email on Mac

On the off chance that you are utilizing Outlook on macOS to peruse your Gmail, Hotmail or Exchange email, you can abbreviate your Outlook organizers synchronization interim, with the goal that auto-update procedures will be empowered and propelled all the more frequently.


Compassionately continue as following:
  • Open Outlook for MAC
  • In the left bar, you’ll note your Gmail, Hotmail/ or Exchange Account.
  • Make a correct snap and select Account Settings.

  • The Accounts exchange will show up, at the bottom right of the screen hit the Advanced button.
  • Open the Server tab and set your match up interim as needs are as shown underneath – Note that for IMAP accounts (Gmail and the base worth is 2 minutes.



Note: for more slow associations like cell problem areas, you should consider checking the Download message headers just box.

  • Hit OK.
  • Close the Accounts discourse.
  • You are good to go.


Extra Reader questions
Refresh Outlook physically

A couple of perusers asked how to trigger an update of their letterboxes physically.

On Windows:

Update all Outlook envelopes:

This strategy will trigger a Send/Receive activity on all Online and disconnected records (could be trade, Hotmail/, Yahoo, Gmail) that are arranged in your Outlook.

Side Note: that you should characterize explicit Accounts/Folders gathering and trigger a report on those explicitly. For instance – refresh just your private Gmail account and not work Exchange during ends of the week.

  1. Open the Send/Receive tab.
  2. Hit the Send/Receive All envelopes button (or basically hit F9).

Update a particular envelope:

  1. Open the Send/Receive tab.
  2. Hit the Update Folder button.
On macOS:


Refresh your whole letter drop:

  • Enter the Home tab.
  • Hit the Send and Receive button.

Update explicit envelope:

  • Open the Organize tab.
  • Hit the Sync Folder button.
Use VBA to refresh your letter drop.

The strategy SyncObjects can be utilized to synchronize at least one Send/Receive bunches for a particular client.

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